All the drapes we supply are custom made from fire resistant materials to the relevent British Standard.

We offer a wide range of Materials, Colours

For Front of House drapes we offer Cotton Velvets, Wool serge, Dimilan or Bolton Twill , with or without linings

On stage Drapes, Black or Coloured

Specialist Drapes, Legs,Borders,Cycloaramas, Guazes in Black or white, Shimmer drapes, Slit drapes, Chromaky Green or Blue, Silks, Taffetas, Sound Deadening, Room Dividors.

Tassels, Fringes, Swags, Embroidered Emblems, Printed, or even just plain, all are possible.

Our job is to interprete what you want, so dont be afraid, we're friendly and talk in plain languange

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If you would like to make your own we also sell just the fabric, along with Curtian hooks and other accessories